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Donald Duck: Heavy Duty
start panel
Storycode: AR133 · Pages: 10
Script: William Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: WDC 537; WDC 600; USAVH 1

Accidentally Donald overhears three of Daisy’s phone calls, without knowing that she is talking about a different Donald. In the first call he hears that “Donald is not heavy enough.” To please Daisy he eats huge amounts until he is heavily overweighted. Beaming with pride, he goes to his lady. Now he hears, “He won’t be of any use to me at all if he doesn’t get back to his normal weight.” Desperately Donald hungers himself back to his standard weight, supported by hard training. In the last phone call, bedevilled Donald learns that Daisy has no use for “Donald,” big or little.

This is Bill’s first Donald Duck ten-pager.

Bill’s funny bird appears in three panels. The fly buzzes through the scenery on page 7.

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