The Disney years
Storycode Hero Title Pages U.S. publications
KU0190 US Pie In The Sky 14 p. US 243
KU3090 US No Room For Human Error 26 p. US 252
KD0290 DD Rootin’, Tootin’ Duck 12 p. DDAD 2
KD0690 DD Beachhead Bathos 12 p. DDAD 3
KD0790 DD The Bees Have It! 12 p. DDAD 4
KD0890 DD Snore Losers 12 p. DDAD 5
KD0990 DD It’s Bats, Man! 14 p. DDAD 6
KD2190 DD Run-Down Runner 12 p. DDAD 10
KD2890 DD It’s In The Bag! 12 p. DDAD 7; WDC 649; DDHS
KD3590 DD Public Ugly #1 12 p. DDAD 8; DDHS
KD3690 DD Just A Humble, Bumbling Duck 12 p. DDAD 13; WDC 651
KD5590 DD That Ol’ Soft Soap 14 p. DDAD 18; WDC 659
KJD002 DD The Ghost Of Kamikaze Ridge 12 p. DDAD 20; WDC 663
KJD003 DD Kid Stuff 12 p. DDAD 16; WDC 673
KJD004 DD The Not-So Silent Service 12 p. DDAD 19
KJD005 DD A Tuft Luck Tale 19 p. DDAD 15
KJD007 DD Magic Trick 2 p. WDC 574
KJD066 DD Nap In Nature 2 p. DDAD 27; SFE 1
KJS001 LW Blow Me Down 2 p. WDC 561; WDC 679

Abbreviations used

Heroes: DD Donald Duck   LW The Li’l Bad Wolf   US Uncle Scrooge

Series: DDAD Donald Duck Adventures (Disney)   DDHS Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream   SFE Spring Fever   US Uncle Scrooge   WDC Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories is a non-commercial fansite. Suggestions are always welcome.