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Donald Duck: Trees A Crowd
start panel
Storycode: AR140 · Pages: 8
Script: William Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: DD 271; WDC 617; USAVH 2; DD 367

There is a pine tree in the Ducks’ garden whose inhabitants are becoming a plague. Raccoons devastate the garden while crows eat Donald’s biscuits and throw cones at him. The angry duck decides to frighten away the animals. An attempt with a chainsaw fails. Climbing the tree with rope and crampons does not succeed, either. In his trouble Donald shoos a half dozen cats up the tree. After a stroke of lightning the rickety pine finally falls onto the Ducks’ house which is now destroyed. The tent, which serves them as an emergency accomodation, promptly gets new lodgers – crows, cats and coons.

Bill’s funny little bird can be found in two panels. There is a fly in the start panel.

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