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Ducktales: Windfall On Mt. G’zoontight
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Storycode: AR142 · Pages: 10
Script: John Lustig · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: DT 7; USAVH 2; WDT 2

Along with Launchpad, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Scrooge flies to Mt. G’zoontight where a monster is said to guard a legendary treasure. The companions meet little Williwallawa. He does not look like a monster in the least, but he can very impressively blow rocks to statues, which are the only treasure of the tempestuous gnome. Williwallawa is taken back to Duckburg where he now blows unwelcome visitors out of the money bin.

Bill hid the two flies well this time. Scrooge’s visitor, at the beginning of the story, has a funny bird on her shoulder. On the last page two more birds are chirping.

The cover for this story was made by Bill, too.

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