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Uncle Scrooge: Scrooge For A Day
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Storycode: D2007-304 · Pages: 8
Script: William Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: WDC 717

Scrooge’s days of late have been a constant misery, for he is being stalked by Miss Voracia Duckworst. Somehow she always manages to ambush her adored Scroogie. When the richest duck in the world is nearly at the end of his rope, he thinks of a clever plan. His half-brother, Rumpus McFowl, is to disguise himself as Scrooge and attract Voracia’s attention. And so Rumpus squeezes himself as well as his long beard into Scrooge’s coat. Voracia, who is already lurking, is delighted that her sweetheart does not flee this time. Rumpus plays some tricks on the old spinster which only encourage her obsession. When Scrooge’s half-brother, panic-stricken, throws his disguise away, it is already too late – Voracia is in love with Rumpus now and runs after the fleeing cadger.

Four funny birds and five flying insects are curiously watching the saucy games.

Illustration Disney.
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