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Uncle Scrooge: Horsing Around With History
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Storycode: D94003 · Pages: 24
Script: Carl Barks · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: USA 33; USACB 56

The Ducks go treasure hunting in the sea near Troy with Scrooge’s new salvage ship. They harvest a rich haul and finally even hit on the legendary Trojan Horse. A tame albatros keeps accompanying them during the trip. As it turns out the bird has been trained by the Beagle Boys to eavesdrop on the Ducks. The crooks hide inside the horse and manage to get into Scrooge’s money bin. However, Scrooge looks the gift horse in the mouth. He can’t see anything, but he sure smells prunes.

Eight flying insects are buzzing through the adventure.

Bill made a watercolor cover (USA 33) as well as an inked cover (NAD 1) for this story.

Illustration Disney.
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