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Donald Duck: To Bee Or Not To Bee!
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Storycode: D97482 · Pages: 10
Script: Noel Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: WDC 627

Donald is watching his beautiful dahlias when he is suddenly attacked by a mechanical bee. A glance over the fence explains everything. Neighbor Jones has gotten himself little robot bees who gather honey by remote control. When some of Donald’s flowers get damaged by the tiny flying objects he strikes back. In the process Jones’s radio control goes bust. The mechanical monsters are out of control now and destroy everything which stands in their trajectory. The neighbors end up without flowers or bees and Jones’s honey even tastes of lubricating oil.

Apart from a peaceable butterfly Bill drew 242 flying metal bees.

William Van Horn: “‘To Bee Or Not To Bee’ was originally written by my son as a Mickey story. However, Byron Erickson thought the subject would be better suited for Donald than for Mickey. So I suggested to Byron to make a Donald comic of it if he would buy the script. It required only some changes here and there, and then I had to rewrite the last page.”

Illustration Disney.
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