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Donald Duck: The Magic Hourglass (Frame)
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Storycode: GEM105 · Pages: 3
Script: Gary Leach · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: US 341

The Junior Woodchucks tell each other tall tales at the campfire. Louie tops them all when he reports on how he and his brothers once journeyed to the Sahara desert to fill up their uncle Scrooge’s magic hourglass. After all, the fun thing about a tall tale is that nobody has to believe it.

This is a frame story for the comic “The Magic Hourglass” (FC291) by Carl Barks. Two pages are the prolog, the third is an epilog. Bill also made a cover illustrating Barks’s story.

In addition, the text contains references to Barks’s stories “Omelet” (WDC146), “That’s No Fable!” (US32), “Secret Of Atlantis” (US5), “The Fabulous Tycoon” (US23) and “The Billion Dollar Safari” (US54).

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