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Donald Duck: (Straining Sportswear)
start panel
Storycode: OJ2C · Pages: 1
Script: Bob Foster · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications:  
Characters: Donald Duck

Proudly Donald puts on his new designer sportswear in the changing room at the fitness studio. However, getting dressed is so exhausting that Donald skips his fitness program.

A mosquito is admiring the sportsman.

A little misfortune happened to Bill with this comic. He had forgotten to letter the balloon in the second panel – the only time in his more than 1400 published Disney pages. The page was sent back to him to make up for this lapse. Van Horn added the missing text, but in the hurry he did not think of photocopying the page again for his own archive. So the original text is lost.

This one-pager was printed on orange juice cartons for merchandizing.

Illustration Disney.
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