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Donald Duck: Just For Kicks
start panel
Storycode: D2005-371 · Pages: 10
Script: William Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: WDC 686

The mayor of Duckburg is in the middle of his election campaign and wants to avoid making a fool of himself at the opening of Mazumaland, Duckburg’s new mega-amusement park. Therefore he hires the citizen who is responsible for most disgraces in town – Donald Duck. On the opening day Donald does his best, as always, but this brings the mayor into many embarrassing situations. Going down the Muscle Mountain Mega-Slide the politician crashes into the exhibited cream pies and a technical defect caused by Donald results in a bath in the Maroon Lagoon. The mayor has had enough and fires the jinx with a kick. But when Donald reads of the mayor’s re-election in the newspaper he wants to give the mayor the kick he deserves.

Bill’s funny bird hides in the start panel. Apart from seven peaceful mosquitoes 132 stirred-up bees add to the mayor’s disgrace.

Illustration Disney.
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