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Donald Duck: A Double Dose Of Triple Trouble
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Storycode: D2006-302 · Pages: 12
Script: John Lustig · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: WDC 690

Donald and Gladstone are fighting who may accompany Daisy to the Annual Pansy Pluckers Picnic. However, since the wooed woman has had enough of the eternal quarreling she has signed them up them for the 3-legged mucha bruisa marathon. The running pairs are tied together at one leg before the race. The starting shot sounds, but the odd couple is not agreed about the proceeding. While Donald wants to dash off right away Gladstone stays more hesitant, trusting his good luck. Daisy’s suitors need it, because after meeting a wild bear they have to cope with bees, more beasts and quicksand. With luck and effort the cousins manage to win the race and hungrily jump at Daisy’s picnic basket. However, it contains only vegetables and not-so-tasty goodies. Much to Daisy’s annoyance the two winners prefer the pie of the Baker sisters who came in second.

Bill’s funny bird can easily be found on four panels. 28 flying insects are buzzing around Daisy’s suitors.

Illustration Disney.
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