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Uncle Scrooge: Easy Circumstances
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Storycode: D2006-184 · Pages: 10
Script: William Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: US 374

Rumpus McFowl has become a very important person. So the wealthy businessmen try to persuade the cadger to propose their windy investment ideas to his half-brother. When Scrooge learns about this he throws a tantrum at first. To get rid of the impudent entrepeneurs he disguises himself as a beggar to simulate his poverty at the next society event. However, he stumbles into a costume ball and has to flee onto the balcony when the businessmen start to pester him. There he meets the host, Clutching Van Gobblebucks. But Scrooge would not be the richest duck in the world if he could not make the best out of his awkward situation. So he helps Van Gobblebucks to clear his basement from the piles of “junk” – 30,000 old comic books in mint condition. Trucks brimful of moolah arrive at the money bin shortly after.

Apart from the rich businessmen, 16 flying insects visit the costume ball.

Illustration Disney.
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