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Donald Duck: Room And Bored
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Storycode: D97152 · Pages: 10
Script: William Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: WDC 621

Donald is alone at home and terribly bored. When finally the TV set breaks down, Donald has no idea what to do. Reading a book is too dull for him and he has no ingredients for cooking. Sporting activities are not the real thing, either. However, when Donald wants to use the opportunity for a nap, the doorbell rings and all his relatives are standing on his doormat.

Even eight flying insects and Bill’s funny bird do not reduce Donald’s boredom.

William Van Horn: “This story was a real challenge I imposed on myself. Nine and a half pages just Donald alone at home. Does it work, can I do it? My editor, Byron Erickson, read the script and liked it, but he had doubts it would work unless the drawings and the plot were optimally paced. Well, somehow the idea seems to have taken off. Even Byron has admitted it … and why should I argue with my editor?”

Illustration Disney.
The Van Horn quotation was re-translated from the German book “Hall of Fame 8: William Van Horn” with kind permission from Ehapa Comic Collection.
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