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Donald Duck: Mummery’s The Word
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Storycode: D97153 · Pages: 10
Script: William Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: WDC 625

Donald has gotten it into his head to become an actor. However, when he auditions at the theater, he just gets kicked out. Then a coconut falls on the would-be stage star’s head and unleashes unexpected skills – not just on the stage, unfortunately, but also in everyday life, driving Huey, Dewey and Louie virtually nuts. But after a second coconut hit everything goes back to normal. The stage act becomes a fiasco, of course.

Five flying insects appear in a reference to the famous play “Hamlet” by English playwright Shakespeare.

William Van Horn: “I have always been an actor. Ever since I was a child. We used to make ourselves props and then re-enact everything we had seen in movies which fascinated us. Then in high school I had two and a half years of actor’s training and starred in three plays. So it was just a question of time until I sent Donald on mimic and dramatic flights. You could also call them crashes. I would like to add that I still enact every script I write. I am convinced that a dialog which cannot be spoken loudly is no good.”

Illustration Disney.
The Van Horn quotation was re-translated from the German book “Hall of Fame 8: William Van Horn” with kind permission from Ehapa Comic Collection.
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