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Donald Duck: The Ghost Of Kamikaze Ridge
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Storycode: KJD002 · Pages: 12
Script: William Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: DDAD 20; WDC 663

The first snow has fallen in Duckburg – the right time to snuggle up next to a cozy fire in the hearth. But Donald is up to something better. Together with his nephews he climbs the Kamikaze Ridge to have a winter picnic. On top of the hill the Ducks are sabotaged by Hank, a shaggy hermit. However, the ghost of Kamikaze Ridge gets caught in one of his own traps and can be taken to task. The mountain hermit, too, had wanted to have an undisturbed winter picnic.

The funny bird is not missing from Bill’s second winter story. On page 2 it has sunken into the snow, while it is merrily flying around on page 6. A mosquito prefers to stay in the Ducks’ warm house.

Bill also made a cover for this story (DDAD 20).

Illustration Disney.
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