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Uncle Scrooge: Secrets
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Storycode: D98154 · Pages: 19
Script: William Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: US 318

After having stolen five cigars from Scrooge, Rumpus goes off on Lake Takumaway aboard a canoe. Scrooge is hopping mad. Together with Donald and Huey, Dewey and Louie he sleuthes his cousin. In a subterranean lake they first find a secret government project and then Rumpus – and finally they reveal an unexpected family secret.

In their search for Rumpus the Ducks are accompanied by 16 mosquitoes.

William Van Horn: “This story was to define Rumpus McFowl’s role in the duck universe once and for all. It just was not enough to use him occasionally as a relative who is cadging here and there. It was only seven years until it became clear to me what exactly his role was to be. In a sequel (‘Travails’, D99053) to this story Rumpus finally finds out who he is. His newly acquired status then made it much easier for me to involve him in more stories.”

Bill also made a cover for this story (US 318).

Illustration Disney.
The Van Horn quotation was re-translated from the German book “Hall of Fame 8: William Van Horn” with kind permission from Ehapa Comic Collection.
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