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Uncle Scrooge: No Room For Human Error
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Storycode: KU3090 · Pages: 26
Script: John Lustig · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: US 252

Donald works as a guard in Scrooge’s money bin. However, he is doing his job sloppily as usual. So his uncle assigns Perfecto 4000, a highly efficient guard robot. The robot successively fires Donald and the employees, until he even throws the boss himself out of the money bin. Police and army cannot defeat the robot. In his desperation Scrooge turns to the Beagle Boys for help. With joined forces they are able to overwhelm Perfecto, but now the Beagle Boys want to have their turn on the money. However, Donald’s simple trap stops the crooks.

Eight flying insects have found their way into the money bin.

Bill also made a cover for this story (US 252).

Illustration Disney.
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